The Carmike Theater in Grand Junction has closed it's doors.

To put it in movie terms, it's 'The End' of a 30 year tradition here in Grand Junction.

From what I was able to gather from this story at KKCO News and from talking to some folks who know the owners, is that financially, the theater had been struggling. June 30 was to be the lease renewal and the Carmike decided not to continue on.

It is sad when an city institution like this and other businesses that have been almost landmarks in Grand Junction continue to fall to the wayside. How many places have closed just within the past 12 months? Too many.

Really surprising with a place like the Carmike Theater. No offense to AMC or Regal or other chain type theaters, but I sure can't afford $12 every time I want to go see a movie! The Carmike was a perfect alternative to that. And yes, I know it wasn't in the best of shape. And yes, the smell. But to me, it was worth it to save all that money to spend on popcorn!

There are rumors going around that other types of businesses are interested in that building. Everything from another theater to a restaurant.

What do you think we need in that spot?




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