When will people learn that you cannot leave a pet in a car on a hot summer day? Apparently, this couple thought because they parked in the shade and had the windows halfway down that was good enough. It didn't work the dog is dead. Now that couple is facing charges for animal cruelty. I know the couple must feel terrible about what they did. If I did that I know I would be modified.

If you see a dog in a car and it is over 70 degrees you should call local authorities. 

The Mesa County Animals Shelter has been asked many times when is it safe to take a dog in the car.

There is really never ever a simple answer because weather conditions change so fast. One minute it's hot and the next its a little cooler. To be on the safe side just leave your dog at home.

When I did own pets I never did take them with me in the car out on a hot summer day. I always left them at home.