Another Colorado Trail is closed due to high water. It's going to be a few days before you can visit the Pine Creek Trail.

Wasn't it last year you could almost walk across several Colorado rivers and streams without getting your feet wet? It appears 2019 is going to unfold a bit differently than 2018.

I posted yesterday about the difference between Western Colorado's Dolores River this year vs. last. Now, another waterway is causing damage to its accompanying trail.

According to gohikecolorado, the Pine Creek Trailhead is located off of Hwy 50 just west of the intersection with Route 92 which crosses over the Gunnison River. The trail begins with a wood and stone staircase running 350 to the river.

Gohikecolorado adds:

The staircase follows and crosses over Pine Creek, which in the early spring is a rushing torrent and waterfall. Due to the vegetation you never really get a good view of the waterfall portion of Pine Creek but the thunderous sound will stay with you at the bottom of the canyon.

I don't know about you, but looking at the video above, I have no difficulty seeing the creek. Where the vegetation is concerned, it looks as though it's about to get obliterated by the fast-moving water.

As of this time, May 7, the trail is closed until further notice. Cleanup and repair will be taking place on the trail through May 10.

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