Another Denver statue has been torn down by protestors.

According to KDVR, the statue, with ties to Christopher Columbus, was taken down late Thursday night and is being investigated as an act of vandalism by Denver Police.

The statue features an unidentified man, but below it is a plaque  bearing the inscription "Christopher Columbus - Discoverer of America -1492."

The statute is the second one to be taken down in Denver this week, along with many other statues across the country with ties to the Confederacy as well as Christopher Columbus.

During a time when international slave trading was growing, the History Channel says Columbus took many of the native inhabitants of the West Indies as slaves, subjecting them to violence and brutality. While he is often celebrated, there is a shroud of controversy surrounding Christopher Columbus.

While there have been renewed discussions across the country recently about how to deal with historical controversies, a faction of citizens has opted to take matters into their own hands,  foregoing the discussion and moving straight to criminal action

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