Finding the best hamburger in Grand Junction has turned into quite a challenge, but thanks to our radio listeners we think we have a winner.

Recently, we did a post reporting on the best hamburgers in Grand Junction according to Yelp, the on-line service that allows consumers to rate their level of satisfaction with local businesses.

Based on those reviews, it seemed the best burgers in town were to be found at Jimmy'z Hamburgers,  Bin 707 Food Bar, Baron's, Starvin Arvin's, and Red Robin.

So we asked our listeners to chime in and let us know if they agreed with the reviews on Yelp.

There were write-in votes for 626 on Rood, Pantuso's, The Sports Vortex, Edgewater Brewery, Palisade Cafe, Berna B's,  and Fly'n Roosters.

But, here's the top vote-getters in our poll--and it was close.

#1 - Bin 707 Food  Bar   24%
#2  -Jimmy'z Hamburgers 22%
#3 - Red Robin - 21%

The rest of the vote was spread out pretty evenly between restaurants like Starvin Arvin's, Chili's, Main Street Cafe, The Rockslide, The Ale House, Thunderstruck, Randy's, and Texas Roadhouse.

There are so many good options to choose from, we better get busy and try them all!

If you didn't get a chance to vote in our poll, go ahead and cast your vote, and we will update the results at a later date. If your favorite isn't on the list, write it in!


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