Drive down Colorado's Highway 285 near Buena Vista and you'll encounter literally hundreds of American flags lining the road. What's up?

On Sunday, August 8, 2021, my entourage made the trip along Highway 285 between Poncha Springs and Morrison. For a stretch of several miles, we would see an American flag every few hundred feet.

When I Say Flag, I Mean Flag

By "flag" I mean large, possibly 3' X 5' flags, placed every 100 feet or so for miles.

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Something To See

This is a remarkable site. The magnitude of this undertaking is incredible.

For the record, I did not take the photos. I was behind the wheel of the car, practicing safe driving at all times. The photos were taken by the person in the passenger seat.

Colorado 285 Flags
Carle Linke

The Word From Buena Vista

According to the Facebook page "What's Happening in Buena Vista," close to 200 flags have been placed between Buena Vista and Salida, and they're "not done yet."

The organization Chaffee County Patriots, Ltd., put out an invitation to those interested in getting on board. Their Facebook page states, "Could use some strong young patriots to help. Contact Chaffee County Patriots to donate and help our county remember our freedom and flag."

According to their Facebook page, Chaffee County Patriots - a non-profit, dedicated to providing a “voice” for Patriots throughout the Chaffee County community and was formed to organize and establish in-person meetings for those who are willing to educate, equip and mobilize the community on issues affecting faith, family, and our constitutional freedoms.

Clean That Lens

In case you're wondering, my buddy does occasionally clean the camera lens. It was every bit as smoky on Highway 285 as it was in Grand Junction. Things weren't much better when we arrived in Denver.

If You're In The Neighborhood

With the Glenwood Canyon closure still in effect, we chose to take Highway 50 to 285 to get from Grand Junction to Denver. This really is an excellent route, regardless of the closure in Glenwood Canyon.

If you're making the trip to Denver, I strongly recommend this route. When you turn on to 285, please keep your eyes open. These are hard to miss, considering they line the road for miles.


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