This would be a great time to take the entire family out fishing for the weekend or the entire week. You can catch all the fish you want and keep the fish.

According to the Colorado Parks and Recreation website, they will be restocking  Lower Sand Creek Lake and Sand Creek located in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve with Rio Grande cutthroat trout. The Rio Grande cutthroat is native to the area and starting in late August all the fish in the waters currently will be removed.

According the the Colorado Park And Recreation website once  the Rio Grande cutthroat trout are re-established, anyone with a valide fishing liscense will be able to catch these trout once again.

Currently, the lakes and creeks are stocked with rainbow, brook and non-native cutthroat trout. You can start fishing now and keep everything though August 25th. You do have to have a valid fishing license for more information on the project click here.