Over the last month, residents of Glenwood Springs have been on the lookout for five mountain lions.

With deer coming down from the high country in search of food, it stood to reason the animals who prey upon them would follow, and they did.

A female mountain lion and her 4 almost grown cubs were trapped and killed in Glenwood Springs over the weekend.

The cougars had been spotted roaming the streets of Glenwood Springs and had attacked a dog in its yard, showing no fear of humans who had to drive them away from their property in West Glenwood.

Many residents were upset to find the cats had been euthanized, but wildlife officials stated relocating them would have only meant they would have to catch the same animals again. Keeping the people of the community safe is the most important aspect of the wildlife officials, and relocating them would only have ended up being a problem for someone else.

If you are ever faced with mountain lions, Colorado Parks and Wildlife have the information they want you to know.

Mountain lions are wild animals and should never be approached.

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