2020 has been a wild ride that no one expected. We can sit here and focus on the negative and talk all day long or we can grab a frozen cocktail and smile about the good things in life. The good news is that grabbing a boozy frozen cocktail might be getting easier.

As a kid we all loved the Ice Cream Truck driving down our street. We all knew the song it played and instantly we would begin running to our parents asking for a dollar to get a sweet treat. Soon we could have that same feeling as adults.

Click 2 Houston first wrote the story about Bovine and Barley a restaurant that is serving up frozen cocktails delivered to you the same way the Ice Cream Truck used to deliver.

Their cocktail menu includes:

  • Moscow Mules
  • Margaritas
  • Mezcal Margaritas
  • Pina Coladas
  • Daquiris
  • Micheladas

All alcohol delivery purchases have to be made with a food purchase but that can be a $1 bag of potato chips if that is all you want. The drinks themselves are priced from $9 all the way up to the party pack at $55.

While I understand that they won't be making deliveries to us here in Colorado, a similar business model is already working in South Carolina. I wonder if someone is already working on something like this here? And if they are how long will it be until they drive into my neighborhood and take all of my money?

If you hear of anything like this please send us a message so we can be first in line.

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