Bullying isn't something that just affects children. Adult bullying happens in person and on social media and it's happening now in Grand Junction.

After seeing a woman get bullied after posting simple ad on a local Grand Junction Facebook group, it really got me thinking. Where do we draw the line between voicing our opinion and joking around versus bullying someone?

The woman attempted to sell the item by posting a picture within the group. And although the area surround what she's was selling wasn't exactly clean, it didn't deserve the backlash it received. She received comments like:

  • You're a pig! Does it come with bed bugs?
  • Crotch crickets and 'faken' bacon to go with!

I think that joking around is totally acceptable, maybe a 'what are you trying to sell? I can't tell.' would be fine. But saying 'crotch crickets' isn't exactly nice. I saw the original Facebook post and because I didn't need anything in it, I just kept scrolling. Which truly wasn't hard to do.

In response to all of the negative backlash on the woman's post, a few people have posted about the lack of respect. They defended the woman and shared their dismay by commenting things like:

  • No wonder why kids are still getting bullied...look at how the adults raising them are acting.
  • Some folks don't adult very well.
  • To all of you who decided to belittle this woman be careful cause "your ugly is showing" and the world is ugly enough without you taking the time to be rude to a stranger.

One woman even shared a Facebook group called Mesa County Moms Against Bullying stating that the site was "born out of the boy bullied at the park and the young girl beaten up at Spin City. We are working to change things for the community."

The purpose behind bullying truly seems pointless. I mean, is the purpose of bullying to belittle someone else while making yourself feel powerful? Or maybe it stems from boredom or insecurity, or a combination of it all. No matter what, it seems like some adults just lack the respect that as adults, we should all have for each other.

What do you think? Do you feel like adult bullying is an issue?

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