Yes, we already have just about every professional sports team possible in Colorado, but we've not had anyone in the AUDL until now.

In the NFL, we got the Denver Broncos. NBA, it's the Denver Nuggets. NHL is our pals the Colorado Avalanche, and in the MLB, our poor, poor Colorado Rockies, just to name a few. Until now, though, we've not been a part of the American Ultimate Disc League. That all changes as of 2022 as our friends at 9 News are reporting that the "Colorado Summit" will be debuting in our beautiful state this coming summer. 

The American Ultimate Disc League has been around for 10 seasons, and the new "Colorado Summit" will be the league's 25th team. You may be asking yourself, what is the American Ultimate Disc League? It's a high-flying, fast-paced, 7 on 7 Frisbie or disk game. I'll be honest, I didn't know a whole lot about it either, so I had to watch some videos and read up on how they play a bit, and truthfully, it looks pretty fun! The Colorado Summit will be playing all home games at the University of Denver's Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium this summer.

Additionally, the new team needs players, so if you're lifelong dream has been to join the American ultimate Disc League, you may be in luck. The team will be hosting open tryouts sometime in January, which you can learn more about here.

The schedule for this summer's games isn't public yet, but it is expected to be available in the spring, so get ready for some Ultimate fun with the Colorado Summit this Summer.

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