A bear has wandered way off course, about 100 miles from its habitat and is currently hanging out on the Eastern Colorado plains in Elbert and Lincoln Counties.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, they are looking for a sub-adult bear just south of Limon.

The bear was spotted near Elbert County Road 90, as well as near Lincoln County Road 3A west of Highway 71. It's obviously a dry, rural area that is not very conducive for a bear's life...after all, they ARE mountain dwelling creatures and, last time I checked, there were no mountains on the Eastern Colorado PLAINS.

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Nobody really knows how this fella got all the way out there (Limon is about 140 miles southeast of Fort Collins), but here he is...

Apparently there was a bear sighting pretty close to where this one was spotted about 2 years ago. That particular bear was captured and safely released back in the wild.

If you ever see a bear...ANYWHERE, don't approach it. Remain calm and give it plenty of space.

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