During a time when so many businesses are struggling to stay afloat, a 9-year-old northern Colorado boy helped to save his family's farm, and keep their long-time company running.

Miller Farms has been operating out of Platteville, Colorado, since 1949, providing fresh produce to people all over the state. From selling at farmers markets to their annual fall festival, which had over 15,000 visitors last year, Miller Farms relies on supplying their harvests to the community in order to make a profit.

However, since COVID-19 caused many people to stop going out to buy their fruits and veggies, Miller Farms considered having to sell the farm. When 9-year-old Drew learned of this news from his grandpa, he came up with the innovative idea to bag up all of the food they had stored from the winter and sell it directly to locals. Besides selling at the few farmers markets that are still happening, Miller Farms now has the option for customers to come buy at the farm, or have fruits and vegetables delivered directly to their doorstep - thanks to Drew!

News of Drew helping to save his family's farm spread all over the country, even grabbing the attention of singer and TV host Kelly Clarkson, who recently featured Drew and his mom, Michelle, on her daily talk show.

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