This Sunday, October 21, Clark Gault's Swing City Express presents a concert and dance at the Grand Junction Center for the Arts. This doesn't have to be a one-time thing. You can make this event a true "happening."

On Sunday, October 21st, you can dance to your favorite Big Band charts, along with Big Band arrangements of contemporary tunes, with Clark Gault's 15-piece band. By "band," we're talking trumpets, saxes, trombones, drums, piano, bass, the whole outfit.

How did this come about? Well, the Swing City Express has been around forever. Clark Gault made a career for himself as a composer and arranger in California. Later in life, he chose to leave that state in favor of something nicer, namely Grand Junction, Colorado. He brought the Swing City name with him, and started the band up again here.

Last month the Swing City Jazz, an offshoot of the Swing City Express, performed a sold-out concert at the Grand Junction Center for the Arts. This particular event was a tribute to Western Colorado music legend Walt Smith. It was such a huge hit, Clark decided to make it a steady happening.

This Sunday at 2 p.m., fire up your dancing shoes and make your way to the Western Colorado Center for the Arts at 1803 North 7th Street. Tickets are available at Hart Music in downtown Grand Junction. Tickets are $15 each or two for $25.

The photo below is from last year's dance, hosted by a different venue. Check out the attire! Looks like fun, doesn't it?

Swing City Express Dance last year
Clark Gault

Why should you attend? Here are my top five reasons?

  • When was the last time you danced to an authentic big band?
  • How often do you get to enjoy a musical event on a Sunday afternoon?
  • This could be a prelude to a series of similar dances.
  • The last concert with this group really was a class act. Here's a chance to be a part of the next one.
  • Here's a chance to impress your date with something totally unique. Heck, anyone can send flowers.

I guarantee you will enjoy this show. You say dancing isn't your thing? I can respect that. I'm in the same boat. When it comes to Big Band, though, trust me, you can dance. Grab a partner and hit the dance floor.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to enjoy live Big Band music. Better yet, be a part of making this event a new fixture in the valley.

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