Are you struggling with holiday shopping? Are you looking for something uniquely "Grand Junction" and not made in Taiwan? Are you on a budget? Here are five Christmas gift ideas that are both hyper-local and ultra-inexpensive.

When I say "Grand Junction," I don't necessarily mean something that says Grand Junction, or in some way aesthetically reflects the town. These suggestions involve those things accessible to those living in the area or are in some way unique to the region.

If you're like most of us, this year's holiday does not come with an unlimited budget. Just the opposite. You may be in need of bringing it in on the cheap. If so, here are five very affordable, and very local, ideas.

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    R&S Toys and Novelties

    1000 N. 5th Street

    Do you have a sci-fi enthusiast on your Christmas list? Do you find them hard to shop for? If so, you're in luck. A Grand Junction store offers an incredible selection of Star Trek and Star Wars collectibles, perfect for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list.

    Forget about E-bay for a minute. I'm something of a Star Trek collector and have frequented E-Bay searching for that rare find. This store at 5th and Belford blows E-Bay out of the water.

    R&S Toys and Novelties, located in the Menagerie Square building at 1000 N. 5th Street in Grand Junction, offers a wide selection of action figures, ships, collector's plates, and other novelties from both Star Trek and Star Wars. Of course, they offer countless other fascinating items as well. You'll find collectibles from groups like KISS, popular movies, and various other creations straight out of pop culture.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Colorado Legacy Coffee

    1048 Independent Ave, Ste A105

    Do you have a coffee lover on your Christmas list? Chances are EVERYONE on your list is a coffee lover. If coffee isn't their thing, then they undoubtedly enjoy tea or cocoa. In either case, Colorado Legacy has you covered.

    They roast right here in Grand Junction. For the holidays, they are offering FREE shipping with online orders.

    I just placed an online order for coffee to be shipped to friends in Oregon. The total cost for the coffee, tax, and shipping... $13.75. That's it, $13.75.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Memorial Bricks at CMU

    CMU Alumni Association

    Each year I would get one of these for my parents. It's not the most affordable thing on this list, but it works like a charm.

    When Christmas rolls around, I purchase a memorial brick for the walkway just west of the Student Center at Colorado Mesa University. You can place any message you want on it (with a limited number of characters). Historically, I've had names of departed family members or pets inscribed on the brick.

    Well, my parents are now gone, but the inscriptions on the walkway at CMU remain. I look forward to visiting the campus and enjoying these memories.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Monument Fitness

    2148 Broadway Suite B1

    This gym is as local as it gets: locally owned and operated, with a staff made up of long-time valley residents.

    If you have a fitness buff on your list, a membership to this gym would hit the spot. Specifically, if you have a weightlifting enthusiast to shop for, this would be perfect. There are several gyms in the valley, but if you know someone who wants to "lift," you might start your shopping here.

  • Western Colorado Jazz Orchestra
    Western Colorado Jazz Orchestra

    Western Colorado Jazz Orchestra tickets

    Season Tickets
    This season, the WCJO is doing something a little different. A number of their shows will be performed at Warehouse 2565 Kitchen + Bar at 2565 American Way in Grand Junction. The WCJO has performed at that venue a handful of times in this past, but this marks the first time they've secured the venue for an entire season.
    • Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019 Warehouse 2565 - 7:30 PM downbeat - Holiday Concert
    • Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020 Robinson Theater 3:30 PM performance for WSCBA honor jazz students
    • Monday, Feb. 24, 2020 Warehouse 2565 PM early Fat Tuesday celebration
    • Saturday, Mar. 28, 2020 CMU Ballroom TBA Symphony Gala
    • Thursday, April 23, 2020 Warehouse 2565 - 7:30 PM downbeat

    This year, the WCJO is offering a special ticket package - All four concerts at Warehouse 2565 for $60. Tickets are usually $20 each. There are two other concerts/clinics on the calendar for the season. Tickets to those shows are not included in the special ticket package.

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