With COVID-19 cases rising in Colorado, getting on a plane right now is a huge no-no (just ask Denver Mayor Michael Hancock). However, thanks to restrictions, lockdowns, and working from home, those four walls of yours can start to get pretty stifling. When you want to get away but you can't go far, consider a Colorado stay-cation.

My boyfriend and I decided to try "camping" in a yurt in Walden, Colorado. I had to put quotes around "camping" because this yurt wasn't totally lacking of amenities: there was a beautiful wood stove to keep us warm during the harsh winter night and a gas stove to boil water for my morning coffee and to cook easy meals. However, everything else was pretty standard: that means no electricity and no plumbing. Yes, that means we had to use an outhouse. 

There are a few tips that our lovely outdoorsy friends gave us to survive the yurt in Walden, where temperatures reached -7 degrees this weekend.... If you're heading out on a winter stay-cation, these might help you, too:

5 Tips For Winter Camping in Colorado

I enjoyed taking a step away from the computer screen and have memories that will last me for a lifetime, and a bonus from camping in the middle of nowhere? You're keeping your distance from COVID-19 most of all.

Where was your favorite Colorado stay-cation? Tell us in the comments.

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