We're halfway through 2019, and perhaps it's time to shake things up a little. A very unique band is coming to Colorado for two dates, and we should all make the effort to attend. Here are five reasons to catch Metalachi when they come to Colorado this summer.

Okay, so who is Metalachi, and what exactly do they do? Metalachi, according to their official Facebook page, is "The world's first and only Heavy Metal Mariachi band." They list their personal interests as "Taking over the world and rocking your freaking face off....oh yes, and origami!"

Okay, now that we have that information, what exactly do these guys (and gal) sound like? Take a listen.

They have concert dates at the Denver County Fair on July 21, and at Denver's Oriental Theater on August 6. Interested? How do they sound live? Take a listen. For the record, neither I nor my company are involved with promoting either of their shows. I simply heard about them, decided to look into what they do, and got hooked. Check out this footage from a live show.

Here are my top five reasons you should make the drive and check them out. Keep in mind, I've never seen their show, so I'll be making the drive, too.

  • This group is totally unique. Like Daniel Baldin commented on YouTube, "I think watching this video made me pregnant. Is that normal??"
  • So far, 2019 has been a little, shall we say lackluster, when it comes to oddities? It's past time to enjoy something a little different.
  • Their price is certainly right - tickets for the show at the Oriental Theater are only $10.
  • I've never been one for bands specializing in parodies, but check out the videos... these are excellent musicians.
  • There's something to be said about finding a niche. This band has definitely done that. Jose Gonzalez says on YouTube, "These guys are it....the missing music link."
  •  You owe yourself a little fun, and this band is just that... FUN.

I'm not sure I can make the Denver County Fair show, but the Oriental Theater show seems to be in order. Road Trip! How about if Grand Junction packs up and makes the exodus to Denver to catch Metalachi in action?

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