Collin Raye is coming to Grand Junction this Friday, and catching that concert is the best thing you'll do this week. Here are five rock solid reasons why.

Believe it or not, Collin Raye has been playing Grand Junction for decades. He was playing the valley long before he became famous. Do you remember the old Cafe Caravan off of 1st Street? Do you remember the old Jungle Bar? That was the slightly nasty place that was home to actual monkeys. The old Jungle Bar used to feature Doug Lenard, Ralph N' Clyde, and on occasion, Collin Raye and his brother, Scott.

Ultimately, Collin and Scott formed a country-rock band called the Wray Brothers Band, in which Collin assumed the stage name Bubba Wray. Together, the Wray Brothers would perform all over the western United States, with stops in Texas, Nevada, and Oregon.

Eventually, Collin went solo, and signed to Epic Records in 1990. His debut single hit the charts in 1991. Since then, he has played Grand Junction several times. He's always excited to bring up his memories of the Cafe Caravan.

Cafe Caravan
Robert Grant

Here it is 30 years later, and Collin Raye is on his way back to Grand Junction. He will be at the historic Avalon Theatre this Friday, October 5. It's very important you be there, and here are five solid reasons why.

  • Collin Raye is an awesome live performer
  • He loves Grand Junction
  • Collin Raye at the Avalone Theatre on a Friday night is the perfect combination
  • He's the only artist in the world who could sing a jingle for an underwear company and make it sound cool
  • He's one of the nicest, if not the nicest, artists in all of Country music

There you go, five reasons to catch the show this Friday night. Tickets are available at Doors open at 6:30 this Friday night.

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