Have you ever thought about being a Foster parent to a cat? How about cats in the plural? A Grand Junction shelter is seeking Foster families for several homeless animals.

A Western Colorado shelter, CLAWS (Cats League & Assistance of the Western Slope), recently posted this message on their official Facebook Page:

URGENT NEED OF FOSTERS! Someone just dropped off at least four carriers full of Mom cats, kittens, young kittens, pregnant Moms and other cats in the parking lot of the shelter! If you can not foster, please donate if you can! We will update on how many and photos as soon as we can!

First question: Who does that? Who drops off cats and kittens in a shelter parking lot?

Second question: How would you like to Foster a cat or two?

Catster.com came out with a list of reasons why you might provide a Foster home for a cat or kitten. These are my five favorites from that list.

  • You get to add “hero” to your resume
  • It’s a trial run for people who can’t make a long-term commitment
  • Rescue groups can’t save lives without foster homes
  • Some animals need a halfway house
  • Fostering is perfect for penny pinchers

Those are some compelling reasons to be a Foster home. Why not volunteer to provide a temporary home? Who knows? The cat or kitten might be the perfect fit for your family.

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