Do you enjoy Big Band music? Do you consider it a remnant of a bygone era? Are you of the opinion a Big Band is something found only in large cities? It just so happens Grand Junction is home to a such a group. Meet the Swing City Express.

You've seen this band several times over the last few years. Most recently they played the Commons of Hilltop's annual dance. Shortly before that they performed a tribute to legendary Grand Junction pianists Walt Smith.

This Sunday night (July 14) the band will perform at Warehouse 2565 Kitchen + Bar. This will be a concert and dance, featuring Big Band music, as well as arrangements of contemporary tunes.

Just how many people are in that band? The group consists of 14 to 15 members - four saxophones, four trumpets, three (sometimes four) trombones, piano, bass, and drums.

If you love to dance, this is the way to go. Why should you make the effort to catch this band? Better yet, why should you become a fan? Here are five solid reasons:

  • Big Band music is awesome... and timeless.
  • Big Band is instantly associated with "class"
  • There's usually a major and very cool event associated with a Big Band concert.
  • This is polished, and at times, very complex music.
  • It's something you don't get to see "live" every day.

The lineup of the band is something of a Who's Who of Colorado. The band leader is Clark Gault, a former member of the Norad Band, an internationally recognized composer and arranger. The band also features Scott Betts, Charlie Sweet, Rob Labig, and Frank Bregar.

Catch this Sunday's show, and you'll quickly understand why you should become a fan.

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