It's an important topic that no one seems to be talking about right now, good Halloween candy. Everywhere you turn its people talking about the COVID-19 pandemic or the political climate of our nation. But really, can we focus on the important topics that are quickly approaching like what are the best candies to get for Halloween.

We have all heard that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has said that this year with the pandemic going on it might not be best for everyone to take part in the normal Halloween activity of trick-or-treating but there are many families here in Colorado that have decided that they will go trick-or-treating anyway as that is what most kids want to do to celebrate the holiday.

While each family has to decide what is best for them, we all need to think about what candy we want to purchase for Halloween. This year has been a struggle the last thing you need is to make it worse by purchasing a mediocre candy that no one wants and you will throw away once we hit the month of November.

So, after talking with some co-workers I wanted to help you with a list of good candy and ones you want to stay away from when getting candy for the upcoming Halloween holiday.

8 Great Halloween Candies & 2 BAD Ones

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