When one thinks of Colorado, what comes to mind are typically things like skiing, the Broncos, and South Park, to name a few. However, our great state is also home to a sizeable amount of prisons, including one of the most notorious in the country.

All Over the State

Colorado has prisons all over the state, including Delta and Rifle on the western slope, Denver and Limon on the front range, along with prisons in places like Buena Vista and Trinidad, Colorado. However, the majority of the prisons in Colorado are in one particular area of the state.

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Florence - Prison Alley

The small town of Florence, Colorado, is located just west of Pueblo and is home to a handful of prisons, including the notorious ADX Florence or 'SuperMax' which houses some of the worst criminals currently incarcerated in the country.

Take a Virtual Tour

Of course, prison is not an environment anyone would want to willfully be in, but modern technology allows us to get pretty up-close and personal with some of these places behind the comfort of our keyboards.

Get up close with 19 of Colorado's prisons:

Get Up Close with 19 Colorado Prisons

Check out what 19 of Colorado’s prisons really look like.

Take a Peek Inside Colorado's Notorious SuperMax Prison

Colorado's SuperMax Prison, also known as ADX, holds some of the most notorious criminals alive.

12 Notorious Criminals Locked Up in Colorado's SuperMax Prison

Colorado is home to one of the most notorious prisons in the county which holds some of the most notorious prisoners.

Look Inside the Colorado Museum of Prisons

The state of Colorado currently operates 19 state prisons and two private facilities. The Museum of Colorado Prisons is appropriately located in Fremont County, home to 6 of the state's correctional facilities. The photos below take you inside the prison museum in Canon City.

5 Stars: 25 Hilarious Google Reviews of Colorado's Infamous Supermax Prison

Colorado is home to the only federal supermax prison in the United States: the U.S. Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX). The prison houses notorious criminals like the Unabomber, a three-time prison escapee, El Chapo, and more — and people still took the time to review it on Google. Read on to see some of the funniest reviews.

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