Colorado's oldest community dates back to a time before Colorado was even a state. The community of San Luis sits in Costilla County near the Sangre de Cristo mountains and is part of Colorado's largest Valley.

Located along the Old Spanish Trail, people have been traveling through the San Luis Valley in Colorado since the 1600s and probably even earlier than that. Scroll on to learn 13 fun facts about Colorado's oldest community.

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Where is San Luis, Colorado?

Castilla County is located near the Colorado and New Mexico State line in the San Luis Valley. At an elevation of 7,979 feet, it's only 19 miles from the state line. San Luis is near the historic site of Fort Garland and is located near several cool attractions in southern Colorado. Keep going to find out which ones.

Who Founded San Luis, Colorado?

Would you believe the entire town of San Luis was handed over to one family? The Sangre de Cristo land grant of 1843 handed the town of San Luis over to the Carlos Beaubien family that year. This arrangement was erased by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which handed Northern Mexico to the United States. By 1851, Hispanic Settlers from the Taos Valley helped establish San Luis until it became part of the Colorado territory, and eventually the state.  Colonel Christopher "Kit" Carson was soon sent to command at nearby Fort Garland, and San Luis was officially incorporated in 1885. It is the longest inhabited town in the Centennial State.

The Most Popular Attraction in San Luis, Colorado

The Shrine at the Stations of the Cross is the most popular attraction in San Luis, Colorado. It was built in the 1980s and opened to the public in the 1990s. Keep going to see a virtual tour of the shrine following some interesting facts about the oldest town in our state.

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Colorado's Oldest Town

The oldest town in Colorado has been around since the year 1851. The community of San Luis in the San Luis Valley is a small town with a big story. The area around San Luis is home to several Colorado attractions that make exploring the area a fun way to enjoy the summer with friends. Keep going to learn 10 facts you may not have known about Colorado's oldest town.

MORE: 25 More Facts You May Not Know About San Luis, Colorado

Learn 25 things about Colorado's oldest and longest-inhabited city, San Luis. Located in Costillo County in the San Luis Valley, the town of San Luis was incorporated in 1885. San Luis is also home to the Stages of the Cross Shrine dedicated in 1990.

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Colorado's poorest county is Costilla County, located along the Colorado and New Mexico border. The county population sits at about 3500 residents, and while Costilla County may not be an economic stronghold in Colorado, it is of historic significance. Check out 10 places to see in Costilla County below.

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