As the weather gets more beautiful around the beautiful state of Colorado there are more and more people getting outdoors. Whether you want to go hiking, biking, or kayaking the state that we call home has plenty of activities to keep us busy. But as you would expect there are certain places that are better than others when you're looking to recreate outdoors.

While I don't own a kayak it's always fun to jump in one and spend some time on the water. It's amazing how relaxing it is to be out in the middle of a body of water just looking at the fantastic scenery around you. That's why I wanted to find out some of the best places to go kayaking around the state of Colorado.

When I was working on putting this list together I needed some help so I first looked to our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife and they had some great ideas, I also took some suggestions from Uncover Colorado.

Some of these locations don't even have pictures on Google Maps because they are more secluded which makes for an even better experience when you're alone enjoying time on the water. So I made sure that each location showed a view from the map so you could visit each of these 13 locations.

Obviously, please be careful when recreating on the water. But here is our list of the 13 best locations to go kayaking in the state of Colorado. And feel free to share this list with your kayaking friends.

Best Places to Kayak in Colorado

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