When we go to bed each night most of us don't plan on getting up in the middle of the night but sometimes it happens, whether it is because we have to go to the bathroom or like what happened to me this morning where my dog Koda had to go outside. It's just life but we never want to step on something horrible when we are half asleep planning on going back to bed.

This morning I thought it would be fun to ask everyone online, 'What's The Worst Thing To Step On In The Dark'? While we all expect the usual answers like a lego (which was mentioned) it was amazing to see some of the responses we got to this question. And all of them are very valid for one reason or another as to why I would never want to step on that in the dark.

There were some items that were mentioned that are really random and you would never expect to encounter something like that, some of them I have even stepped on at night. Some are painful others are simply disgusting but all have happened in the past which is why they were mentioned.

So, instead of just talking about the items mentioned here is the list of all 12 absolutely horrible items that you would not want to step on in the dark:

Don't Step On These 12 Items in the Dark

Just remember to be careful where you step when you get out of bed and it is still dark out. One wrong step and you could have a very bad day.

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