Did you know all of these? Take a quick Colorado quiz.

The website mentalfloss.com has compiled a list of facts that you may or may not have known about own home state of Colorado. They list 15, but for now, let's take a look at 10:

  • The state got it's nickname 'Centennial State' due to the year it was founded - 1876. That's 100 years after the Deceleration of Independence was signed. 100 years=Centennial. Get it?
  • We may not have officially invented the cheeseburger, but it was named by a Colorado resident. Restaurateur Louis Ballast from Denver holds that title.
  • The Denver International Airport is twice the size Manhattan Island in New York. It measures about 53 square miles.
  • The United States Olympic training facility is in Colorado Spring, yet we are the ONLY state to decline to host the games. In 1976, Colorado voted 'no.'
  • However, now Denver is seriously considering it. They are looking ahead to the 2026 games.
  • The Broncos first fight songs contained the lyrics 'Hail, Mighty Broncos, the pride of the west. Like the mountains towering high, over the rest.' It's not exactly Shakespeare, but it rhymes.
  • Colorado has an official state fossil. The Stegosaurus.
  • Colorado is the home of the world's ONLY high altitude alligator farm. The Colorado Alligator Farm is located at 7,664 feet.
  • Not a single United Sates President or even Vice President has ever come from Colorado.

'The Sex Change Capital of the World.' Yes, that's right. Trinidad, CO claims that title. From 1969 -2003 Dr. Stanley Biber performed around 65 per cent of those operations worldwide.

So, how did you on the quiz? Don't worry, I'm not taking scores. Hopefully, you learned something new about Colorado.

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