If you work at KEKB, then you know all about these ten things. From coffee to headphones, to singing and food. these are 10 things that everyone that works at the radio station knows.

  • 1

    We Love Hooking You Up

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    We love hooking you up with prizes just as much as you like getting hooked up with them. It makes all warm and fuzzy inside, hopefully you do too.

  • 2

    Singing Happens...A Lot

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    There is no doubt that here at the radio station, you will hear singing. And you will hear it a lot. I didn't say it was good, I just said you'll hear it.

  • 3

    Burning Coffee Wrath

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    If you left the coffee pot empty or close to it, be prepared. You will feel a wrath so burning hot, one could compare it to coffee. We run on coffee here at the radio station.

  • 4

    Doors, Doors, Everywhere Doors

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    We have so many doors here, I literally cannot count them. Although there are a lot of doors here, there is only one front door. This is what is looks like. Use this door.

  • 5

    Time Is An Illusion

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    Working here at the radio station means lots of different events and meetings which means -- there's no such thing as a schedule. Your schedule will never be the same, ever.

  • 6

    Meetings Mean Food

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    We love food at our meetings and I am not complaining. It's almost like a treat for showing up -- or an incentive. Meetings mean food, so don't miss the meetings.

  • 7

    Headphones On Deck

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    If your headphones broke, were stolen, went on vacation or were forgotten, it's no issue here at the radio station. We've got headphones on deck. If you need it, there's always extra phones. (Which I have definitely used before.)

  • 8

    The Radio Station Is Haunted


    I've said this before and I'm sticking to it. Very few people will go into the basement by themselves. I'm very much one of the people that will not  go in the basement alone. Our radio station is haunted.

  • 9

    Bazillion Bathrooms

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    I honestly don't know why we have so many bathrooms, but we do. We have so many bathrooms at the radio station it'd be hard to use all of them in one day. But on the plus side, there's always enough bathrooms.

  • 10

    Wild Love

    Alicia Selin Townsquare Media

    *Cue the song here* but it is a wild love here at the radio station. Things get wild here but we love not knowing what the day will bring and I'm pretty sure we love each other too. (Despite how wild we may be.)