Winter can be dangerous in Colorado for dogs. The slick ice, frigid temperatures, toxic winter chemicals, and heating sources can all pose a serious risk to our furry companions, according to Innovet Pet.

So, Innovet Pet has come up with 10 easy tips to follow to help ensure your pups safety through winter.

1. Get Your Dog Warm Bedding

2. Watch Heat Sources

3. Be Wary of Your Dog’s Age
Both young and old dogs more susceptible to colder temperatures and getting sick from consuming toxic chemicals.

4. Avoid Ice

5. Avoid Antifreeze and Other Common Winter Chemicals

6. Protect Your Dog’s Paws

7. Limit The Time Your Dog Spends Outside

8. Get Your Dog a Coat

9. Don't Overfeed Your Dog

10. Don’t Leave Your Dog In Your Car

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