Are you looking for a new home in the Grand Junction area? Are you hoping to pay less than $600 a month on your mortgage? Here are ten available properties for you to consider.

We post all the time about the "Most Expensive" or "Most Amazing" houses for sale in Western Colorado. Those posts are fun, but the properties features are way out of reach for most of us. What about practical, affordable housing. Well, nothing is cheap anymore. Then again, affordable, attainable housing does exist.

Searching, a handful of houses come up with estimated monthly mortgage payments coming in below $600. If you stop and think about it, that's pretty reasonable. A friend of mine owns a number of apartment buildings around the valley, and the cheapest of those units rent at $650 a month. If you could own property for $600 a month, that would be a true find.

I'm not a realtor, am not affiliated with a realtor, and have no interest in the sale of these properties. More than anything, I'm frustrated with the cost of living and am interested in helping my fellow Western Slope residents find affordable housing.

For your consideration, a handful of places around Western Colorado you could own for roughly the same monthly cost as renting an apartment.

Grand Junction Homes with Monthly Payments Below $600

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