Are you guilty of committing any of these Colorado traffic violations?

We're All Guilty of Something, Right?

If everybody was being honest, we would all admit to being guilty of particular traffic violations, but it's possible you are guilty of infractions you aren't fully aware of.

But, the Light Was Yellow

For example, I think everybody knows it's not against the law to zip through a yellow light. But, what if the light turns red while you are still in the intersection? Like it or not, that is the same as running a red light - even though the light was yellow when you first entered the intersection. That violation could cost you $75.

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How Close It To Close?

Here's another one that plenty of people in Grand Junction are guilty of - but rarely get busted for. The state of Colorado recommends you maintain three seconds of distance between you and the car in front of you. If it's less than three seconds, you're guilty of tailgating. The law calls it "following too closely," but, you're likely not going to get nailed unless you are in an accident.

Sometimes there is a little confusion in the minds of Colorado motorists about what the law really says about driving. Of course, sometimes, there is no confusion at all. Drivers know the law, but choose to ignore it - and oftentimes they get away with it.

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