What's in a name? Well, not a whole lot if it's a boring name.But put a little creativity into it and all of a sudden, you have a name bordering on the cool. Check out this list and add your own!

I love this name. Ault. It just sounds strong and one syllable names are always cool. Ault is in Weld County and has a population of around 1,700.

This town in Adams County of nearly 1,000 people has the distinction of having one cool name for their town. It sounds like one of those high school football team names Hollywood likes to use.

This could almost be a name for a character in a book. Meet the tough guy, Haxtun.Less than 1,000 people live here.

Heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey was known as the Manassa Mauler. They even have a museum to honor the champ. Former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar called Manassa home as well.

Naturally. Nestled in Montrose County is the Town of Naturita. It's even fun to say. Naturita. Say it.

Go ahead. Say the name. Then have someone else say it. Anytime you can have a town that no one agrees on how it should be pronounced, you have a cool town name.

It says it all, doesn't it? If I were a professional wrestler, I would want to be called the Sawpit Boss. Love it. Sawpit is located in San Miguel County and was incorporated in 1896.

In the 1960s there was a show about a guy named Johnny Yuma. And if they use your name for a character, your cool is elevated.

Now, to look at the name, you would think it would rhyme with ink. But no, it's spelled that way, but most pronounce it Swank. Don't ask me why.

Anything that sounds like payday is cool for me. Paoli sounds like a nice little Italian town almost.

That was fun, let's see how many more we can add!

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