I had a chance to sit down and talk with Gus Kenworthy about the upcoming Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado. Gus is a local boy from Telluride, Colorado and was born and raised in Telluride.

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Gus is the only skier competing this year in all three events, Slopestyle, Big Air and Superpipe. Here are a few questions I asked Kenworthy. The full interview is below as well.

Britton: Now your from Telluride is that your favorite mountain or do you have a different favorite maybe Breckenridge or Aspen?

Gus Kenworthy: As far as the terrain park goes, Breckenridge has the best one in Colorado. As for as overall resort, if anyone ever gets the chance to go up to Whistler, in British Columbia Canada, amazing! It's the biggest ski resort in North America, and park, good snow, good girls good affray, it's fun.

Britton: The Winter X Games are a whole lot of fun. What is your favorite part of the Winter X Games?

Kenworthy: I definitely like competing, but the crowd getting super pumped up it's kinda crazy, it's bigger than any other event. There are just so many people watching, The courses are perfect the pipe is perfect. Everything about it, it's like just super Hollywood. It's just more all out than any other event. I guess Big Air kinda my favorite part of the entire weekend. The jump is  good, the format allows you to hit the jump a ton of times in a short amount of time with the sled lapping. People are going crazy and the riders are pushing themselves a lot harder than I think they were expecting to. The tricks that get done are pretty crazy and the fans are freakin out and it's just a lot of fun.

Britton: Now you compete in all three events. And with any other athlete you could focus on the one thing your doing.With the Winter X Games, there are so many different events.  How do you prepare for three separate events?

Kenworthy: Well its definitely kinda stressful. You know I'm the only one competing in all three events. Its just a little added pressure and the training at the actual X Games like the practice on the courses actually overlap with one another. You kinda just have to take it with a grain of salt and get what training you can. Right now I'm just riding in Breckenridge and trying to working on my slopestyle stuff and jumps and everything. Trying to get all that ready. And then the last couple days before I head to aspen I'll spend some time in the pipe. Once I'm there they have the practice allotted for slope and pipe. Some of them mixed and I'll just make whatever I can and hopefully figure out a good run.