According to t a new a non-scientific survey by the people who make Honest Tea people in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Oakland, California, more honest than the rest of the nation.

Apparently it's folks from Brooklyn you gotta watch out for! Those are just part of the results from this third year study.

Honest Tea sets up unstaffed refreshment stands in cities and towns around the U.S., with a sign saying Tea for a dollar. Then they watch to see how many people put a dollar bill in the money jar. The proof is in the pudding, or jar in this case. In Salt Lake& Oakland every single person who took the tea paid for it where in comparison only 61% of people in Brooklyn paid for their tea.

Some of the survey's other findings:

Women are more honest than men.

Redheads are more honest than blondes or brunettes.

& Boston baseball fans are more honest than New York fans.

Visit the National Honesty Index to see more honest informatino.