The Daily Mail posted a list of "Everyday Inventions Mothers Can't Live Without". Find out if your items on the list . . .

There are a lot of items we take for granted in our daily lives. Things our forefathers did without, many of us couldn't imagine going a day not having.

Just think about it, from the time you wake in the morning in your ergonomic bed, to when you brush your teeth with your Sonicare tooth brush at night, there are probably more than a million items we use everyday without a second thought to how valuable they are to us.

All though I could do with out TV, Paper & Coffee, this is a list mothers said they couldn't live without:

1. A flushing toilet-because while the alternative isn't horrible, it can certainly be an adventure! As you can see from the cover photo & the photo above. . .

2. Toothpaste

3. Eyeglasses

4. Pain killers

5. TV

6. The light bulb

7. Paper

8. Vacuum

9. Wi-Fi

10. Coffee

The one item I was shocked wasn't on here is a vehicle, I honestly don't know what I'd do without my Expedition and I can't imagine living in a City where you took public transportation everyday. How 'bout you? Did your item make the list? Give us your feedback below and listen for your comments on air at 8:50!

*On a side note when I was writing this article I mentioned to my husband that it was about items mothers can't live without & asked him what type of picture he thought would go well with the topic, his reply . . . "A bottle of wine."