What would you like to see in this park?

Plans are in the works for a major upgrade to the Veterans Park in Grand Junction.

The 10 acres east of the Mesa County Fairgrounds could host a great variety of things beneficial to the community. Talks right now are bringing up suggestions such as several soccer fields with large open areas, a turf field, a pond, walking and biking trail along with 'multi-purpose lawn facilities.'  In addition, a storm water detention area. That would help with flooding in the Orchard Mesa area.

But, what does that do to remind us that it is the Veterans Memorial Park?

This community truly supports and honors it's armed forces. There is no doubt of that. To have a Veterans Memorial Park, is always a good idea and a reminder, but is just giving it a name enough?

What should be included in the new version of the Veterans Memorial Park to actual earned the name Veterans Memorial Park?

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