Grand Junction always enjoys an amazing sunset, but last Saturday's (November 26) was one for the books. Was this one of the best, or even the best sunset we've ever seen?

Lately, it seems as though the Western Slope has witnessed interesting new colors when sunset rolls around. The region often brags about our orange sunsets, going so far as to associate the colors with the Denver Broncos.

These last few weeks have featured sunsets with colors leaning more towards violet and bright pink. This was most definitely the case last Saturday.

During an evening walk along various trails at the Lunch Loop trail head just off of Monument Road, the sky began to turn an interesting combination of violet and pink. Before long, the sky settled into a stormy bright pink. We're talking trailer park flamingo pink.

For the record, I haven't changed, augmented, or adjusted the photos in any way. These are the colors captured by my dumb-phone, the cheapest one money can buy. If you can get colors this good with a camera that comes free with any new activation, imagine just how amazing it was to the naked eye.

Hopefully you had a chance to catch this sunset with your own eyes. The colder, wet weather was just starting to roll in, and the clouds really brought out the regions natural beauty.

What do you think? Was this one of the best sunsets the valley's ever seen?