A look at some of the things that make us true Coloradans. AND we don't care what you think.

Check them off as we go through the list. From the website onlyinyourstate.com, here are 11 things that we do and will defend until we die.

  • 10) Not wanting to go inside. - I don't if it's guilt or what, but I feel terrible if i can't get outside as much as possible. Especially here in the Grand Valley. 300 days of sunshine. Are you kidding me? Hand me the SPF 30 and I'm outta here!
  • 9) Hitting the outdoor music scene - From Red Rocks to Country Jam. Is there anything else to say?
Jason Bahr
  • 8) Other Denver sports teams (besides the Broncos) - First, the Broncos have their OWN separate listing. They may not be as prominent or newsworthy, but staying loyal to the Nuggets, Avalanche, Rapids and Rockies is what we do.
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  • 7) THE Denver Broncos - John Elway. Payton Manning. Three Super Bowls. Period.
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  • 6) Marijuana (legal kind, of course) - Although the Western Slope has been a little slow on the uptake, here, other parts of Colorado are reaping HUGE tax money benefits from it. 'Show me the money!'
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  • 5) Casa Bonita - The name says it all. It's almost Urban Legend status.
  • 4) Our Subarus - Man, do we love these vehicles.
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  • 3) The Wyoming Secret - Since we only have to go there (maybe) once a year, it's tolerable. Just hate to spend our money out of state for better fireworks.
Zane Mathews
  • 2) People from California - Not sure where or how this animosity towards people from the west coast got started? Why can't we all get along?
Credit: dmv.ca.gov
  • 1) Green Chile - It should come with EVERY dish in Colorado. Or as a condiment already on the table like ketchup and mustard.

Proud to be a Coloradan! Any questions?