The noticeable dip in temperature lately has me thinking about winter, and how much fun winter is in Grand Junction. So how about we look at a few fun things we can look forward to this winter?

First of all, winters tend to be fairly mild around here, which is one of the perks of living in the desert. Make no mistake, winter fun can be had and you don't have to ski or snowboard to do it. But if you do ski or snowboard ...

Powderhorn Resort

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No need to even leave the valley. Powderhorn is a fun place to ski, snowboard or maybe just chill and watch those who do. You can take lessons if you don't know how; rent equipment if you don't have any, as well as get a room and stay all night. Once Powderhorn opens, usually in early December, and all 63 runs are open, you can almost hear them laughing here in Grand Junction.

Cross Country Skiing


The Grand Mesa has many trails for cross-country skiers to enjoy. The best part about cross-country skiing on the Mesa is the view. Consider this, you are 10,000 feet above everyone else, you're cross-country skiing over new snow and look onto the Valley covered in snow and sigh. Just a beautiful and peaceful experience.



The Grand Mesa is the place to be in the winter, as you can find trails for many winter activities. Snowshoeing is fun and unlike skiing, you can stop and take in the scenery any time you like. Plus, you can go anywhere the cross-country skiers go. And snowmobiling on the Grand Mesa gets you out and gets you going fast across all kinds of excellent terrain. Five snowmobile trails allow you to pick what you enjoy best.

Glacier Ice Arena

Mike Zegil, YouTube

As much fun as this place is in the summer, and how cool it is, ice is made for winter. And that means ice skating. Or ice hockey. Or maybe you want to brush up on your Olympic aspirations. No matter what, once inside Glacier Ice Arena, if you don't have fun, that's on you. This place is awesome. If you don't know how to ice skate, fear not. They also offer lessons.

Fat Biking

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Yeah. Now you're talking. Get those bikes out, slap some fat tires on 'em and let's get busy riding those trails again. Whether it's the Lunch Loop or Fruita trails, getting out and biking in the snow can't help but bring a smile. I bet you're smiling right now at the thought of it.

This winter is going to be fun. Now that you have a few ideas on how to enjoy it more, get ready!

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