High Rollers

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to a song called "Colorado Girl" by a new artist from Colorado, Andy Janowsky with The High Rollers! This week we're featuring another song of theirs called, "I'm Colorado"!

Andy and the High Rollers are an independent group looking to get some recognition for their music.

You may have seen them open for Dwight Yoakam at Sky Ute Casino in Ignacio, Colorado or heard them on the airwaves in Southern Colorado.

This song it currently on repeat in my Expedition and we're trying to book them nearby for the 3rd of July!

But what do you think, should we play this on the radio?

Check out more here:


I got the Jayhawks to the east Mormans to the west
Cowboys to the north down south their chili’s still the best
My history is deeper than that dark Black Canyon runs
There’s mountain men and miners cowboys and Indians
I’m Colorado yeah I’m Colorado
Take a trip out to my High Plains there’s farms and winter wheat
Cruise up and down my Front Range and feel that city heat
Way over in my southwest fall in love with Durango
The snowcaps on the Sangres yeah I’ve got your valle bro
I’m Colorado yeah I’m Colorado
Come fly where eagles fly
Reach out and touch my sky
Come raft my ragin’ rivers bask in the campfire’s glow
Stare in awe at timberline where the big bucks like to go
Stand breathless on a mountain top and hear the angels sing
Walk straight down to that city where John Elway’s still the king
I’m Colorado yeah I’m Colorado
Some folks lay eyes on me and swear they’ve just been born
You ain’t lived till you’ve heard my elk some cold September morn
And have my aspens make you swear the mountains are on fire
Get on my Rocky Mountain high you just can’t get no higher
I’m Colorado yeah I’m Colorado I’m Colorado I’m Colorado