Western Colorado Working Hard 365 Days a Year
Labor Day is close at hand, and it seemed fitting to pay tribute to the hard working men and women of Western Colorado. Winter, summer, spring or fall, Grand Junction peeps work hard 365. Let's take a look at our locals bustin' their buns via the lens of late Daily Sentinel photographer Ro…
Hard Working Grand Junction Residents Through the Years [VIDEOS]
Grand Junction residents are known for being a hard working group of people. Let's face it, life on the Western Slope can have its challenges, and it takes some tough cookies to get things done. Check out a few videos comprised of Robert Grant photos, showing just how hard Western Colorado work…
Did You Wear Your Pajamas to Work Today? [VIDEO]
Depending on the source, today is "Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day." If your workplace is such where the dress code is typically a little lax anyway, this might not be a big deal. For those in the suit and tie crowd, this might just be your favorite day of the year.

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