‘SNL’ Gives Adam and Eve the ‘Girls’ Treatment
With Lena Dunham hosting the show, there was no way 'SNL' wasn't going to do some kind of 'Girls' parody. And with the recent release of 'Son of God' and the impending arrival of 'Noah,' there was no way the show wasn't going to take a shot at the recent biblical movie revival. So here we are, with …
Country Jam Hosts the Hottest Girls in Colorado [PICTURES]
Everybody loves country girls, even country girls! Country Jam in Grand Junction plays host to some of the hottest girls in Colorado throughout the event. Why? It's hot outside so that means the clothes are scare; we had the pleasure of capturing the beauty being flaunted all over the place wit…
Drunk Girl Found Stuck Between Buildings
Not that we're speaking from experience, but everyone's done something stupid when they've had a few too many to drink. We're talking about driving drunk while dressed as a zombie kind of dumb. Here's a less dangerous example -- getting stuck between two buildings.