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Now is the Time to Participate in a Grand Junction Yoga Class
Thursday, June 21, is International Yoga Day. Says who? The United Nations, that's who. Have you taken a yoga class lately? Do you plan to?
Why June 21? According to Holiday Insights, the United Nations chose the date because it is the longest day of the year...
Brett Young Discusses 'Vulnerability' in Country Music
Would you like a little more "tear in your beer" and a little less "bust a move" in your Country music? I certainly would. I discussed the matter or "vulnerability" in song writing with Country Jam 2018 artist Brett Young.
Waylon's Top 9 Things You Need to Know About Country Jam 2018
There are a number of things you need to know before you head out to Country Jam. Most of these fall well within the realm of common sense, but it never hurts to go over them again. Let's take a look at a few things to consider before the "Four Hottest Days of Summer" roll around.
Colorado Horses Rescued - Feel Good Story for the Day
Amidst all the fires and crime stories, you're probably ready for some good news. I certainly am. Would it brighten your day to learn over 40 Colorado horses were saved thanks to the efforts of area firefighters?