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Colorado Sign Near Wyoming Border Reads 'No Vacancy'
You've probably seen the "Colorado" sign at various points along the state line. You've probably also seen "Colorado - No Vacancy" bumper stickers. Well, somebody put a "No Vacancy" message on the "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" sign on southbound I-2…
Help Waylon Locate Palisade's Best Breakfast Restaurant
Last Sunday's hike at Palisade Rim finished with breakfast in Clifton. I wanted to enjoy something in Palisade but discovered I was unfamiliar with the town's restaurants. What would you consider to be Palisade's best breakfast restaurant?
Beat the Heat With this Western Colorado Morning Hike
Are you tired of 98 degree Western Colorado heat? It's bad enough when you're putting around town. It's even worse when you're climbing the side of a mountain. This hike, if you head out early enough, offers plenty of cool temperatures.
3 Western Colorado Hikes to Enjoy When It's 100 Degrees
Enjoying a Western Colorado hike is fun, but not when it's 105 degrees out. What if you want to hike, and right now is your only chance? There are three Western Colorado trails you'll enjoy, even when the temperature is above 90.
Cast of Characters Absent From Grand Junction Fundraiser
A Grand Junction burger joint is hosting a fundraising drive for MDA. Last year, a strange cast of characters came by to donate. It's good to see Mr. Spock supports the MDA. Unfortunately, those characters have yet to appear this year.
Would a Western Colorado Resident Do This?
By now you've seen the viral video of a woman braving the elements to properly return a shopping cart. Would a Western Colorado resident make the same effort?
Lock Your Doors or the Bears Will Take a Joyride
This was the scene yesterday in Jefferson County, Colorado. Have you ever had someone break into your car and steal something? Have you every had a bear break into your car and obliterate it?
Celebrating Colorado Residents In All Their Awesomeness
Happy 142nd birthday, Colorado. If someone told me you were only 128, I would believe it. What is one of Colorado's best qualities? It's people. Take a look at decades of Colorado awesomeness via photos of its residents.