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Who Has The Best Coffee In Grand Junction?
Who makes the best coffee in Grand Junction? I like to make my own with a french press but sometimes I like to treat myself to a good cup of coffee when I am on the go.
Palisade Peach Festival Is This Weekend
am so very excited to attend my very first peach festival in Palisade this Thursday. This year they are celebrating 125 years of peaches and 50 years of festivals
Tiny House Living Helping The Homeless In Denver
Tiny home living in Denver is working to help the homeless get off the streets. The study performed by the DU's Burns Center On Poverty and Homelessness. Researchers also found that 78 percent of people in the area didn't hurt community safety but helped it.
I Love Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries
I decided to try something new in the kitchen. I love chocolate covered strawberries. Therefore, I thought I would try my hand at making them. I went to the store bought all the ingredients including coconut, white chocolate dark chocolate, pecans, and walnuts...