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Here Is What You Had To Say About Packages Stolen Right Off Your Porch
Amazon is hooking up with delivery drivers to help catch package thieves. Have you ever had a package stolen off your porch?
It is sad but these are the times in which we live, that people cannot be trusted. We would hope that a package to be delivered would be okay to leave on a doorstep until we go…
Still Time To Head To Denver To See Michelle Obama
Former First Lady Michelle Obama; she has written a book called "Becoming" and has already sold 1.4 million copies. She is going to be in Denver today signing copies of her new book at the Tattered Cover.
Just Say No To Raw Cookie Dough
But now the CDC says that cookie dough can contain bacteria like E. Coli, E. Coli is killed when cooked. Raw eggs used in the dough can carry salmonella.
Salvation Army A Great Ministry
Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Like many of you, I wondered how in the world did the guy think he could get away with stealing a kettle from the Salvation Army? Surely he is going to get caught.
Have You Tried Tomato Soup Cake?
A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday last week, and she said her mom made her, her special cake which she loves. It is called tomato soup cake
Most Popular Baby Names Of 2018
Did you hear about the little girl who's name was Abcde pronounced Ab-City. Apparently, one of the agents for an airline had taken a picture of the name and posted it online. I don't think the mother was too happy.