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Here is a List of a Few Kid Friendly Events for Halloween
You probably have your favorite place to go trick or treating. Maybe it's in your own neighborhood or you explore other neighborhoods. Here is a list of some happening events that you might want to take your child to for a night of fun.
How Often Do You Wash Your Jeans?
I was watching a tv show with Anderson Cooper, and he admitted that he rarely washes his jeans and once went at least six months.
Officials Are Warning Of Facebook Hoax
This is what showed up in my inbox, prompting me to tell people on facebook if they received a friendship request just ignore it. I did not do what this message says to do.
Do You See Diamonds In Your Future?
Check out Crater Of The Diamonds State Park. It is one of the only places in the world where you can search for diamonds on top of a real ancient volcano.
Weird Colorado Laws
Here is an old time law it is still okay in Colorado Springs, Colorado to wear a gun within the city limits except on Sunday, Election Day or Holidays.
Today Is National Drink Beer Day
People everywhere rejoice. National Beer day and the beer lovers everywhere should be celebrating. Today is National Drink Beer Day!