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Salvation Army A Great Ministry
Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch. Like many of you, I wondered how in the world did the guy think he could get away with stealing a kettle from the Salvation Army? Surely he is going to get caught.
Have You Tried Tomato Soup Cake?
A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday last week, and she said her mom made her, her special cake which she loves. It is called tomato soup cake
Most Popular Baby Names Of 2018
Did you hear about the little girl who's name was Abcde pronounced Ab-City. Apparently, one of the agents for an airline had taken a picture of the name and posted it online. I don't think the mother was too happy.
Colorado Department Of Transportation Is Hiring
If you are looking for a job, the Colorado Department of Transportation is looking to hire; they have 100 full and part-time employment available — everything from maintenance to snowplow drivers.
Have You Ever Tried Dandelion Tea?
The dandelion helps as a mild laxative and helps clean the liver.
I now have a new best friend, and it tastes good too. Do your research and see if dandelion tea is for you.
Have You Ever Found Anything Valuable At A Garage Sale?
I love going to garage sales, swap meets, flea markets, and auctions. I used to like to buy and sell. I found original air force posters from the 1940's I found an original Uncle Sam Poster and a sterling silver pendant all for just a few dollars
There Are Many Ways To Give
It is that time of year when people want to give with good cheer. I love hearing about all the people offering to help people they don't know.