When I was a young boy I use to love eating Pringles. Not only are they delicious, but I loved eating out of that long skinny can. Now that I am older and a grown man, my hands no longer fit in Pringles Cans. What ever am I going to do?

I recently came up with what I think is going to be my million dollar idea--this idea is already in the works of getting patented so don't even think about stealing it.I know I can't be the only man out there that can't reach their hands into a Pringles can anymore. Heck, there are even some women who have hands that won't be able to fit in a Pringles can.

So I propose that Pringles comes out with what I like to call "The Man Can". The Man Can would be in the shape of an old school oil can, that way no matter how big your hands are, unless your Sasquatch--Sorry to leave you out buddy, you can grab a chip without dumping crumbs all over yourself.

I think this should be offered in what some super markets are now calling the Man Aisle. The Man Aisle is an aisle in the grocery store designated only for men. This aisle contains foods like: chips, jerkey, salsa, beer, microwaveable dinners, instant coffees, Ramen Noodles and other convenient foods for men.

With the upcoming 2012 NFL and NCAA Football seasons, I don't see why they wouldn't be able to make cans for each team to be sold in there designated state/region.

Now that folks, is a million dollar idea.