Introducing the Grand Junction Horses. They are now up at both roundabouts on Horizon Drive and I-70.

The traffic can be horrible on Horizon with the construction going on. Yes, I dislike roundabouts with a hot fever.

So, when I had to drive over to Horizon and I-70, I was not in a pleasant mood. But, fortunately I was healed by a little equine therapy. Six larger then life steel sculptures now decorate the two new roundabouts that connect and welcome visitors coming off of I-70 on Horizon Drive. They seemed to appear out of nowhere. The Grand Junction Horses, as I guess they are known as, are quite a sight to see. I braved the traffic and took these pictures.

My luck got even better, when I noticed a man also taking pictures of the horses. He was wearing one of those safety vests, so I assumed he was one of the construction guys. I walked past him and he said, "each picture costs $1 and all proceeds go to the sculptor." I laughed until he introduced himself as Joseph Fichter, THE actual sculptor of these giants! 


Couldn't have been a nicer guy. Check out his website and the story on these steel structures.

But, what are the odds? I had no idea these things existed 10 minutes before this. I didn't even want to drive over to that area because of the stupid roundabouts! But, look what happened. Just goes to show-you never know. But, the best part? I completely forgot why I was over in that area to begin with!