You've probably heard about the initiative to change the Colorado National Monument to a National Park, but do you know how to make your voice heard?

One way you can show your support is to sign the petition currently making its way around Facebook.

I received it from a local business owner Seth Anderson, who operates Loki here in Grand Junction.

The goal of the petition organizers is to make the Colorado National Monument the nation's 60th National Park by sending it to Senator Mark Udall & Congressman Scott Tipton. According to the Preamble:

Grand Valley Region Citizens for a National Park is seeking support to re-designate the Colorado National Monument as the nation’s 60th National Park. We believe it is the single most important thing the Grand Valley region can do to boost tourism and real estate values, attract high level new business, strengthen its economy, and so protect this unique national resource it would take an act of Congress to change it's status or borders .

What do you think?