Another crazy Friday night is close at hand, and the Grand Junction Police Department invites you to join them for a "virtual ride-along." What mayhem await us with this Friday night's Facebook adventure?

It's been a fairly busy week for the GJPD, with activities ranging from a domestic situation resulting in Grand Junction's SWAT team being called in, to a minor issue involving an electric shopping cart stolen from Walmart.

What misadventures are in store for us this Friday? Join the GJPD via Facebook for a "virtual" ride along to find out. The GJPD announced earlier this week they would be offering this service. Unfortunately, details as to how the ride along would be carried out were a bit vague. How exactly will this work?

The ride along will unfold pretty much like this: According to Heidi Davidson, the Public Information Officer for the Grand Junction Police Department, she will ride with Police Officers as they make their rounds this Friday night. She will check in periodically via Facebook with updates. These updates could include just about anything.

Follow Grand Junction Police from the comfort of your own home, office, or wherever you might be, as a "virtual" participant. A computer is great, but a smartphone or anything with Facebook capability will do.

Become a participant rather a spectator. Join in on a virtual ride along with the GJPD. Discover what it's like to be a police officer, and be the first on your block to know what's going on in town, all via Facebook.