The first annual Grand Junction's Sexiest Man contest has crowned a winner.

In a surprising late rally, Casey Gates overtook Andrew Yates for the title. Maybe it's the hat?

Casey Gates

Andrew Yates had dominated the voting since this contest began. It looked like he was going to be a huge runaway winner. Then, the Casey Gates Fan Club stepped up and put on their voting shoes and went to work.

With more than 7,000 votes in, Casey Gates took 3,324 or roughly 47 per cent.

Andrew Yates is the first runner up with 2,074 votes at 29 per cent.

Let's see if we can Casey Gates to come on the Keyes & Company Morning Show to find out how he feels about this new crown!

Up next, it will be the ladies turn. The search for Grand Junction's Sexiest Woman begins in 3-2-1.