A local Caprock Academy student has been asked not to return after shaving her head to support a friend with cancer. Get the details and tell us what you think about the issue!

"Long story short ..." is how Kamryn Renfro's mom starts her post on Facebook explaining what happened after her daughter shaved her head in support of her dear friend, Delaney Clements, who is battling cancer.

The local charter school, Caprock Academy,  has asked Kamryn not to return to school until her hair grows back out, because of a school policy that students may not have shaved heads.

Parents even have to sign off that they understand the rules in the family handbook and Kamryn's mom says,

We do sign that we understand and agree to the rules every year...but honestly,

After taking to social media their story garnered support statewide on the Fox 31 News:


According to the KKCO website,
the Caprock Academy Board of Directors says it is calling a special executive session, to discuss the situation and vote on a potential waiver of the policy for this specific instance.
My question is:
  • Do you think they should allow her back in, because she did it for something good?


  • Do you feel, a rule is a rule and this is a great time to learn that standing up for what you believe sometimes comes at a cost?

Give us your feedback in the comment section below and we might use it on air!

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