We all know that giving dog's chocolate is taboo, but here are five more foods you should never feed your pets.

It's generally a good rule of thumb to avoid giving your pets human food altogether. But,  Buzzfeed has given us a gentle reminder about some foods that could actually be fatal for your pets.

1) Raw Dough - This is dangerous for all pets because it can rise while they are digesting it --and it also can produce alcohol.

2) Grapes and Raisins - These little jewels can cause kidney failure, although some dogs seem to eat them just fine. Better safe than sorry - keep these away from your dog.


3) Sugar-Free Gum - Pets love sweet things, and they love to find an unattended pack of gum to dig into. Apparently there is an ingredient that tricks their body into thinking it's just taken in a bunch of sugar, and a release of insulin follows to compensate. A dog can die if it's blood sugar dips to low.

4) Onions and Garlic- This is something that can damage a cat's red blood cells - although it would take a pretty large dose.

5)Avocados - There is a toxin called persin that can cause lung problems and heart damage in birds, rabbits, and horses.For cats and dogs it may just be a matter of digestive issues.